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A New Form of Pain Management Therapy in Memphis, TN.

A Whole Health Chiropractic Approach

Say “Goodbye” to physical illness and “hello” to wellness with Softwave Therapy-TRT OrthoGold 100.

Softwave Therapy, also known as shock wave therapy. Is a revolutionary, drug-free, non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that uses sound waves and stem cells to repair and rejuvenate damaged areas in the body.

Chiropractic Memphis Downtown is the only chiropractor in the Memphis area offering Softwave Therapy. The Memphis Grizzlies use this same therapy to keep their players on the court!

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Decrease Pain. Decrease Inflammation. Increase Healing.

Softwave Therapy is changing the medical field by allowing people to treat chronic pain and physical illness without invasive procedures, pain medications, or needles.

Softwave Therapy uses electro-hydraulically produced sound waves directed at damaged and unhealthy tissue within an injured area. This action activates the tissue to improve and accelerate your body's natural healing process.

Softwave therapy from Chiropractic Memphis Downtown is built to increase healing
Relieve rotator cuff pain with Softwave therapy from Chiropractic Memphis Downtown in Tennessee

Softwave Therapy Treats Several Ailments

If you’ve considered surgery and pain medications as treatment for your ailments, tried surgery, and didn’t get the intended results. Softwave Therapy is for you. After one session, patients experience relief after years of discomfort.

Patients have sought Softwave Therapy for relief of the following ailments:

Knee Pain

Nerve Damage

Rotator Cuff Damage

Scar Tissue

Neck & Back Pain

Bone Fracture

Disc Injuries

Wrist & Hand Injuries

Foot & Ankle Injuries

Diabetic Neuropathy

Best of all, there are no side effects like there are with pain medications and surgeries. After multiple sessions, sound wave therapies heal the body and have long-term, lasting results.

Want More Detailed Information?

Benefits of Softwave Therapy-TRT OrthoGold 100

Experience the many benefits of Softwave therapy administered by Dr. Hayden
  • Acceleration healing of connective tissue

  • Decrease in pain

  • Decreased Inflammation & Swelling

  • Restoration in range-of-motion

  • Improved circulation

  • Healed wounds

  • Accelerated healing times

  • Improved quality of life

Surgeries are expensive, painful, and require lots of physical therapy afterward. Chiropractic Memphis wants to help you avoid surgery by offering Softwave therapy as a first step and hopefully the final step.

$49 Discovery Day Special

Hello Memphis! Stop driving long distances to seek Softwave Therapy!  Chiropractic  Memphis is the first Softwave Therapy in Memphis to offer this treatment.

To show you how life-changing Softwave Therapy is, we’re offering a $49 Discovery Day special.

In this 20-25 minute appointment, we will work with you to establish goals, discuss pain, and create a treatment plan.

Examine the tissue area.

Use a low-treatment setting to discover whether this therapy would benefit your recovery.

Dr. Matt Hayden Cares

Our initial evaluation is $49. Pricing for treatments varies by person, as we tailor our treatments to the patient’s wellness needs

Costs are dependent on the types and amounts of shock waves needed.

Our treatment costs 90% less than surgeries or stem cell injections

While Insurance does not cover this therapy, In the end, Softwave Therapy is more affordable than surgery.

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