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We Provide Top Chiropractic Care to Restore Energy, Remove Stress, and Heal Your Body

Dr. Matt Hayden Cares

At Chiropractic Memphis, we take pride in truly caring for people. 

Care is so much more than the chiropractic service you receive. Care is being a part of your life and understanding what is important to you. 


Health is quite simple. 

Your body is designed not just to be healthy, but to maintain wellness. To be vibrant and energetic for the many years of your life, you need a whole health plan of care. We help you listen to your body and remain healthy, energetic, and well. 

"I love watching my clients improve every single day. It’s what wakes me up in the morning. I am truly blessed to be able to help so many."

Dr. Matt Hayden

There are 3 things I wish everyone understood.

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has ever permitted you to believe.


Every single thing in your body is affected by your nervous system. If there is a disturbance in your nervous system, you start to feel unwell. Removing the cause instead of treating the symptom should be your top goal to become truly healthy.



While some medications are incredibly valuable, life-saving tools - taking medications causes extra stress to the body. Medication should not be viewed as a long term “cure” to a health issue. 

You don’t have to be unwell. 

You don’t have to live with pain. 

You don’t have to live forever on a pharmacy of medications. 

You can achieve wellness. I can help you.

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